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Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter
Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter
Flawless Playback can Take Less Space
  • Batch convert FLAC to MP3 to save your time
  • Convert video to MP3 to share music with your friends
  • Provide adjustable audio quality with handy presets
  • Straight design and "1-2-3" wizard operation make everything easy
  • 100% Free & Safe!
Quick Guide for FLAC to MP3 Conversion
It's a known problem that FLAC files are usually too big to fit an MP3 player. So, are you looking for software to convert big FLAC files to smaller MP3? Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter is simple, but fast, flexible and powerful FLAC to MP3 converter. Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter allows you to reduce file size of big FLAC, so you can easily send it to your phone, or by E-mail. This converter is totally free of charge for any use. With its build-in latest & advanced FLAC codec and Lame MP3 encoder, the output MP3 music will maintain premium quality that you can tell no difference from the original.
Record Audio from Any Input

Convert FLAC to MP3

    FLAC is an open-source, free to use audio format popular among Rock ’N’ Roll band fans using digital sound recorders to record live concerts as audio files. Yet, FLAC files are too big and unsupported by certain popular audio applications, and MP3 format is popular among computer savvy person. So, Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter is a way out to convert FLAC to MP3. You can use Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter to transfer FLAC to MP3 and send MP3 audio to your mobile device, cell phone, or to the web for distribution.

Preset Output Settings

    To meet your specific need, the properties of each format are allowed to choose! Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter prepares many presets with different combinations of conversion settings. The specific parameters for converted audio will make the audio fittest for playback on all kinds of software applications and devices. Just pick the one you need.
Preset Output Settings
Batch Process

Batch Process

    Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter supports conversion of batch FLAC files to MP3 with high quality. It allows you to batch convert multiple FLAC files in specified order with ease. The batch process helps a lot when dealing with a huge collection of FLAC files spread on your PC and on discs and saves your much time. At the same time, you will be released from a large amount of audio conversion work.

Support All Audio & Video Formats

    This free FLAC to MP3 converter supports a large amount of input audio and video formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, ASF, FLV and much more as source formats. Any audio & video files can be converted to the most popular audio formats for any kinds of players.
Support All Audio & Video Formats
  • Play Video/Audio

    Play Video/Audio

    In the conversion task list you can find a "Play" button through which you can play the selected media with the default media player.

  • 100% Free and Safe

    100% Free and Safe

    Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter makes the task of audio conversion a breeze without any limitation or extra expenses and relieves you from any disturbance of adware, spyware, malware and viruses. It's 100% clean and reliable to install and run.

  • Operate with Ease

    Operate with Ease

    The user-friendly UI enables you to find & use anything you want in seconds and many thoughtful features (conversion list with detailed file info, one click to open output folder, post process options to shut down the computer or play a sound when conversion is finished, etc.). The step-by-step wizard with tutorial instruction helps users convert just by clicking buttons.

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"Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter delivers a new MP3 of high-quality sound that doesn't lose any content from the original. To our approval, we unsuccessfully tried to find a file type Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter couldn't convert. As the overall easiest audio converter, it earns its solid ranking in our list."- by

"Coming as it does as all-in-one easy to use bundle of powerful software solutions, Free Easy FLAC to MP3 Converter seems to be very useful for your audio conversion jobs. It carries a powerful batch conversion mode that allows gargantuan files to be converted in a speed that is out of this world and very concerted. The exercise is also done at a go thus making the process both fun and time saving."- by

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